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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UI Police step up patrols in areas where Blue Caps are out of order

Half of the University of Iowa's Blue Cap emergency phone stations scattered across campus are out of order because of direct flood damage or because nearby buildings that provide power to them are not yet fully operational.

Eleven of the 22 stations are still working (12 including a wall-mounted unit located inside the Lindquist Center), while 11 remain out of order, according to UI Police. Most of the units that are out of order are located near the arts campus and along the river.

Police have wrapped the broken units in red plastic and posted signs noting that they're out of order and directing pedestrians with cell phones to call 911 if there is an emergency. They've also stepped up patrols in areas where the Blue Caps are out of order.

Officials are working to get all of the units up and running as soon as possible. Until then, they urge pedestrians to stay away from construction zones and parts of campus that aren't well lit, to walk with friends, especially late at night, and to report any suspicious activity to police.