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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ongoing efforts of faculty, staff assist University in flood recovery, future planning

The phrase “other duties as assigned” is a common component of job descriptions. But few would have envisioned some of the “other duties” taken on by UI employees this past summer. And while some were assigned, many were simply taken up on the fly, in the face of rising waters.

The tales of this past summer’s flood heroics and the Hawkeye Spirit are legion. The three people profiled here will be the first to tell you, in that typically Iowa way, that they were just one of the many, many people who rose to the occasion and went well beyond it; who found themselves doing work they never imagined in areas in which they had little previous experience. fyi chose to interview them in part because of their visibility during the flood, but also for their ongoing efforts in helping the University deal with the flood’s aftermath and the planning for the future. More...